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Anselm Pavlik, born 1983 in Vienna, studied Advanced Music & Media Technology at Bruckner Konservatorium Linz.

He works with drawings, music composition and visual art.

Since 2007/2008 studying Biology at the University of Vienna and Landscape Design (Mario Terzic) at University of Applied Arts Vienna. He is member and founder of „[static echo]“/ Music & Visual Art.

Projects and Exhibitions :

2011, Jingle, Cinema Advertisement, "Kurt Frozen Yogurt", instruments and arrangement, Vienna

2010, Jingle, Cinema Advertisement, "V-Pack - Lehre mit Profil", instruments and arrangement, Vienna

2010, Jingle, Cinema and Radio Advertisement, "", instruments and arrangement, Vienna

2008, “Come and go”, Projektraum artunited, Vienna

2007, “Studio SAMT”, Galerie Maerz, Linz

2006, “La Forza”, kunstmarke, Vienna

2006, “La Forza”Galerie Steiner, Vienna part of the Viennabiennale

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